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Monday, February 20, 2012

Bee Button & Blog Pages

Thanks to nybird(Karen), we're now able to share our 3x6 button!  Hooray!  You can grab the code on the left sidebar and add it to your blog if you'd like.  We've also made two new pages along the all about the 3x6 bee and another where we'll update block resources as we come across them.  More pages to come!

In other news, have you seen the fabulous blocks that have been created so far this quarter!  Such amazing creativity out are just a few.  Be sure to check out the 3x6 photo stream for the rest.  There are just too many beautiful blocks to list here!  =)

1. 3x6 bee, round 1, 2012, Pinwheels, 2. Hive 5 quilt block, 3. 3x6 block for Whitney, 4. [3 x 6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee-Q1 PinWheels, 5. 3X6 Q1, Paper-Pieced Block, 6. 3x6 qrt 1 block for Anna, 7. My Q1 Hive 2 paper Piecing block, 8. Wonky hive 3x6, 9. 3 x 6 bee block Q1 H7

Happy Sewing,
the 3x6 Queen Bees  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Queen Bee/Caretaker Spotlight!

Hello!  Hope you're having a fabulous week so far!  We thought it would be fun to spotlight out Queen Bees and our Caretakers, so here is our first one.

All about  Sixmunchins...aka Lisa! 

She is a Queen Bee and also Caretaker of Hive #1...the STAR Hive!  We asked her to answer a few fun questions.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a wife to a wonderful man. We will be celebrating our 9th anniversary in July. I'm a stay-at-home(schooling) mom to six children, aging from 1 year old up to 11 years. I run an etsy shop and have a blog.  (She blogs at

2. Favorite color, food, drink, hobbies.
My favorite color is purple, followed by blue. I am however falling for gray as a background color and pairing colors I never thought I would.
My favorite food is Japanese. My husband took me to a wonderful local Japanese Steakhouse for our first date and I've been hooked since.
My favorite drink is a mocha latte. I also love hot chocolate.
I have many hobbies and I don't have a particular favorite, though depending on my mood I will prefer one over the other. They are quilting, crocheting, sewing, cross-stitch, reading, blogging, running, and baking.

3. Favorite quilt designers, fabric line, quilting tip, block/project you've made, etc.
I am really loving Kate Spain's lines right now. I just ordered some Good Fortune!
One of my favorite lines is Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 because of it's purple colorway as well as the prints themselves.
One of my favorite blocks is Angela's Stargazer Block. I made 12 of them for the last quarter:
Click Here to see Sixmunchins' photostream in Flickr

My favorite project that I made would have to be the Family Tree quilt I was commissioned to make for my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary:
Click Here to visit Sixmunchins' photo stream in Flickr

4. What's your quilting style?
I would have to say my style is mixed.

5. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?
I would love to go to Europe. I have only been out of the country once, and it was to Jamaica when I was 15.

6. Tell us about your hive this quarter...and what you love most about the 3x6 bee.
I have the Star hive. I'm really excited because there are a few familiar people that I've had in my hives before and some new people that are rather chatty, which for me is a great thing!
What I love most about the 3x6 bee is the diversity of the members and the friends that I am making.

Thanks for all you do to make the 3x6 Bee so fun, Lisa!  =)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Block Resources

We're now one week into the new quarter!  Hopefully, everyone has been able to check in with their hive and get to know their fellow bees.

Since everyone is probably picking out what block they'd like to make, we thought we'd post some links to online block resources...there are so many great designs out there!

Quilters Cache - LOTS!!! of blocks organized by size

Delaware Quilts - several traditional blocks organized by size

Gen X Quilters Quilt Block Library - picture library with links to several great block patterns and tutorials all around the web

Desperate Housewife's Quilt by - 62 different block designs in all styles -- something for every hive of hive

Skill Builder Sampler by - 24 different block designs in all styles - this one has something for every hive too

Nine-Patch Quilt Block Patterns - many 12" blocks...all based on nine-patch type construction

Of course, the 3x6 photo stream is another great place to get inspiration!

Did you know we have five sampler hives and five themed hives (stars, paper-pieced, wonky, solids, pinwheels)?    Can't wait to see everyone's fabulous blocks!

If you have a site you love to visit for block patterns, please feel free to share it!  

Happy Sewing,
the 3x6 Queen Bees  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ready, Set, Sew!!!

Excited for the new quarter?!?!  We are!  

This quarter brings about a lot of firsts for the 3x6 Bee...

In addition to our AWESOME SAMPLER HIVES...we have new THEMED HIVES!  Can't wait to see all the creative, unique, and beautiful blocks that will be created over the next 2.5 months.

We have a new BLOG!  Thanks to your feedback, we'll be posting regularly about 
and MORE!

We also have a running list of bee member blogs on the sidebar.  Want to have your blog included?  Simply leave a comment and we'll get it added.  Some of you wanted info on sales/giveaways around the web...and some of you didn't, so instead of having separate posts dedicated just to these items we'll merely make a mention of them within a post...but it won't be the main reason for the post.  

And...we will have prizes!  

Yep...we said PRIZES!!!  

Everyone that posts pictures of completed blocks AND mails by the deadline (April 15, 2012) will be entered into a drawing for FABULOUS PRIZES!  We'll have many many winners.

A few reminders...

CHECK IN to your hive by Feb. 7th
PARTICIPATE in your hive's discussions
POST PICTURES of your completed blocks
MAIL your completed blocks by April 15th
Say THANK YOU for the blocks you receive
and most of all....   Be creative and HAVE FUN!!!
If you'd like to read the rules for the bee, please click here.

Looking forward to another FANTASTIC quarter of the 3x6 bee.  A big THANK YOU to our CARETAKERS...this couldn't be done without them!  Let the creating begin...

Happy Sewing,
the 3x6 Queen Bees