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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Say Hello to...

Ready for another spotlight?  Today, it's all about...

supersara20...aka Sara!!!

Sara is the caretaker of Hive 9, a sampler hive.  Here's a little info to get to know her better.

1. Tell us a little about yourself...anything you'd like to share (favorite color, food, drink, hobbies, etc).
Hi, I'm Sara. I am engaged and in the process of buying our first home. I have been quilting since I was about 15, I learned to sew from my mother but I remember my mom and grandmother making me and my dolls matching outfits when I was very little. Favorite color is difficult for me, I love pink but really it depends on what it is, I love bright cheerful colors. Food would have to be ice cream and salad, odd I know but I just love mixing stuff up and seeing how it goes! Drink would have to be diet pepsi, unsweetened iced tea and vodka tonic if I'm going alcoholic.

2. Favorite quilt stuff (designers, fabric line, quilting tips, block/project, etc).
I love my 24 x 36 inch cutting mat, my rotary cutter and all my rulers.

3. What's your quilting style?
I don't really have a style. Pretty much if I like it or the idea is fun I'll try it.

4. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?
I am from Maine but live in Texas now. Of course I'd go back to Maine any chance I can get. I'd also love to go to London some day.

5. If you could have lunch with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?
My Daddy, Papa or my Grampy. I lost Papa about 5 years ago, and Grampy when I was in 3rd grade. If the Mr. could come too, I'd love for him to have been able to meet my father, I lost him 11 years ago. So, I chose 3 but it's my questionnaire!

6. Tell us about your hive this quarter...and what you love most about the 3x6 bee.
My hive is #9, I was in a hive with two of these lovely ladies last quarter too! My bee members are all very creative and have chosen some incredible color combos. We are a sampler group and have already seen some great work. Can't wait to see what else everyone comes up with.

Here is an amazing sample of what Hive 9 has been up to so far this quarter (courtesy of supersara20 and prsd4tim2):

megmormel and erika4303 have also completed some really great blocks for Hive 9 this quarter, but I'm not able to add them to the mosaic above.  Sorry!  It must have something to do with the settings. 

Thanks for being an awesome caretaker, Sara!  We appreciate all you do to make the 3x6 bee such a fun experience!   

Happy Sewing,
the Queen Bees


  1. Oh what fun this post is!!

    I love the three people you picked, you are a special kinda person!

  2. Thanks for being an awesome caretaker, Sara. I loved reading this post and getting to know you better.

  3. Love these posts! I like the way you described your quilting stye... pretty much describes mine as well :)

  4. Thanks Ladies! I had fun writing it! Can't wait to "meet" my co-leaders!

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