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Monday, March 12, 2012

Undersized Blocks

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Have you seen the gorgeous quilts that people are making with their 3x6 blocks???  They are absolutely are just a few:

We've had a few people suggest that we post possible solutions for how to make blocks that may be a bit smaller than 12.5" work in your quilt...(thanks to jkae1989, dustincecil, lkhomework, Mama Missa, capitolaquilter, and woodbines creep for the great ideas!):

1.  Make two stacks - one stack with blocks that are consistent in size (or trimmed to be so) and another stack with blocks that are too small.  Use the blocks that are too small and make one complete row of the quilt with those blocks.  Or, use blocks of one size as a medallion or cluster group in the center and then use the other blocks around the outside. 

2. Frame the blocks, creating a bit of a new block design in between the blocks, as seen in this blog post.

3. Frame blocks, trim to size, and set them on point, as in this photo (courtesy of Samilou1 (Sleepy Owl Studio):

If you'd like to set your blocks on point, check out these great tutorials:

Set on Point Tutorial by
Putting it "On-Point"!! by

4.  Design a modern layout, separating each block, as in this quilt (courtesy of linda beth):

5.  Place a focus fabric in the center and border with the blocks, separating each with fabric, as seen in this quilt (courtesy of Sadie Bird):

What are your ideas for making blocks that are a bit small work in a quilt?  We'd love for you to share your ideas so we can add them to this may be just the solution that someone is looking for.

Have a great day...and Happy Sewing!

the Queen Bees


  1. Thanks for posting this helpful and inspiring info - my bee blocks are edging their way up the to do list and it's just the nudge I needed. The more finished quilts out there the more I think we'll start seeing - just like starting something new, finishing can be contagious too!

  2. Oh beautiful quilts!

    Thanks for the ideas! I don't think people mean to make the blocks smaller but these are great solutions!!!!!!